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Connektivity Consultancy was established with the main purpose of simplifying your journey with NDIS whether as a provider or as a client. By having a team with a clear and in-depth understanding of the standards and regulations of NDIS, in addition to boundless compassion, we are dedicated to get you to where you want to get with NDIS as smoothly as possible. 

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NDIS Business Registration & Renewal

From setting up your business to getting it accross the line with the NDIS Commission, Connektivity is there for you every step of the way. 

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NDIS Audit & Compliance

Connektivity is there for you even after you get your registration by helping you maintain compliance and be ready to ace every renewal audit with flying colours. 

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Build & Maintain your NDIS Business

Connektivity works with you to set up and maintain compliant practices and strategies which will help you grow and develop your business. This includes NDIS market analysis and business insights.

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Marketing & Promotion

Getting clients is probably where most NDIS providers face difficulty. Connektivity works with a robust team to provide you with all your marketing needs such as websites, flyers, business cards, and social media marketing. 

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Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Not only does Connektivity help providers get registered, but we also help clients with disabilities get their NDIS plan approved or reviewed. 


Since 2018, Connektivity has been a consulting firm with an excellent track record. We work with individuals, sole traders, and organisations working with people with disability. Connektivity offers support to set up NDIS businesses, create and submit registration applications and renewals under the NDIS Commission, as well as providing in kind support to gather information and broker linkages for people with disability to become NDIS approved clients, review NDIS Plans, and provide relevant additional supports.

Innovation in Disability

Connektivity offers the following in kind supports and linkages to services for:

Not sure what NDIS is?

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a scheme funded by the federal government and dedicated to provide financial support for individuals with a wide variety of disabilities, in addition to early intervention for children. It is expected that this program will provide support for over 460,000 Australians with disabilities. 

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