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Helping you every step of the way

Stage 1
helping brainstorm

We help you decide what you want to create and discuss with you what each step of the way will look like and how much you will be expected to invest in every stage. We also help you from coming up with a good business name to choosing which services you would like to provide. 

Stage 2
Company Creation
Company Start

We help you set up the company so that you can effectively start trading and begin your NDIS application process. 

Stage 3
Preparing NDIS Submission Documents
NDIS registration

We provide you with customised NDIS policies, procedures, and forms tailored according to your vision and NDIA regulations. We also guide you regarding all the documents which you and your staff will need to provide for the submission.

Stage 4
Booking Online Presence
online presence

While working on your NDIS submission, we also work on creating an online presence for your business. We build your website, create your company e-mails, and book your social media accounts.

Stage 5
Undergoing Audit
NDIS audit

We help you book your NDIS verification or certification audit and remain with you until your audit is complete and your business is recommended to the commission. 

Stage 6
Starting Up
Start up

While waiting to get your registration approved, you can start working with plan managed and self managed clients, so we help you start serving these clients you recruit. We can also provide marketing services to help you get your brand out there and attract more clients. 

Stage 7
Smooth Sailing

When your registration is approved, we help you navigate PRODA in order to understand how the claims and referrals process works. We can also provide you with regular internal audits to ensure that you are always 100% compliant.