NDIS Application Registration FAQ guide

Complete the NDIS Consultation Booking Enquiry Form on the website.

Please refer to the link https://www.ndis.gov.au/understanding/how-ndis-works 

You need an ABN to start with the NDIS Application process. This can be a sole trader or for an organisation

No. Assessment as an NDIS registered provider depends on the registration groups and Modules applicable for your business.

It is highly encouraged to seek professional advice from an Accountant that best meets your requirements in setting up your Business. You can learn of how to choose the
right business structure here: https://business.gov.au/planning/business-structures-and-types/business-structures

No. The NDIS registration is linked with the specific ABN. And so it’s very important to decide on a specific Business Structure long term rather than short term

Register to get a PRODA account. Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is an online identity verification and authentication system that lets you securely access a range of
government online services for providers. It is easy to register and receive a PRODA account (You will have Username and Password which is linked to your PRODA account.

Read the steps here before applying for PRODA account here:
Once you know which documents/information you’ll need to have handy, create a PRODA account by clicking here:

Here is step-by-step guide:
1. Visit the NDIS Commission’s application portal to register as an NDIS provider, if you’ve never registered with the NDIS Commission before. If you’ve previously been
registered or are currently registered log in to the NDIS Commission portal as a ‘Registrant’ to start a new or renewal application. Refer to the guide :
2. After you get access to the NDIS Commission portal, you will need to complete and submit the NDIS application including selecting all the relevant registration
groups. Follow the step by step process outlined here: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/node/721#process
3. You will receive an ‘Initial Scope of Audit’ (Pdf) document after the submission of the NDIS application on the NDIS Commission Portal along with an Application
Reference Number (ARN). The ‘Initial Scope of Audit’ document outlines whether you require a ‘verification’ or ‘certification’ audit and what your organisation needs
to demonstrate to comply with the relevant NDIS Practice Standards. Please note: Before commencing an NDIS application – decide all the registration groups and
the NDIS practice standard modules applicable for your groups as it is expected that you have undertaken a self-assessment and have all the provider responses
which will be part of the NDIS application. Seek advice if required from a professional.
4. The next step as an NDIS provider applicant is to find an Approved Quality Auditor to conduct your NDIS audit. You can send your ‘Initial Scope of Audit to different
Approved quality Auditors to request a proposal quote to conduct your NDIS Audit and decide & engage any of them. Click here:
5. https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/resources/ndis-provider-register-and-compliance-and-enforcement/auditors
6. Once you accept the Audit quote and their audit proposal, an Audit date/s will be booked with you and conducted on the schedule date/s which is different for
Verification and Certification Audits. Click here to understand about these Audits: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/providers/registered-provider-requirements
7. The NDIS Auditors will submit the outcome of their NDIS report to the NDIS Commission after an Independent Technical Review undertaken by the NDIS Auditors.
8. You will receive an email confirmation of the submission of your NDIS report to the NDIS Commission.
9. NDIS commission will then make a decision on your application. All successful applicants will receive a Certificate of Registration.

No. However, as stated in the above steps you will process and pay the invoice to the NDIS Auditor you have selected to conduct your NDIS Audit. The quotes differ with the
different NDIS Auditors and is based on numerous factors including the scope and size of your audit, number of staff and number of NDIS participants. You have the choice to select the NDIS Auditing company based on the NDIS Auditing quotes. Connektivity can assist with this process of liaising and organising NDIS Auditing quotes which best
meets your needs.

Other than the NDIS Auditing fees, as an NDIS provider, at the time of audit you will need to have in place the relevant Business insurances (Insurance quotes are not
acceptable). No other fees.

As an NDIS applicant provider, you will need to have in place all the relevant policies, procedures and documents to meet the requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards
and Quality Indicators. You can also find a checklist of documents here for your Verification Audit. Refer to the Provider Application Pack here:
Connektivity has developed a checklist of documents required based on the different registration groups and the professional requirements. Refer to the Connektivity’s NDIS
Professional Registration Requirements checklist on our website

We encourage DYOR (Do Your Own Research) Ex: speak to existing NDIS providers and participants and other community members to seek ideas and suggestions; review
NDIS relevant discussion papers, review published NDIS quarterly reports, get yourself involved and engage in consultations to identify gaps/barriers and create a business
model to meet any identified gaps for a sustainable business model
Refer to the Connektivity Registration checklist on the website to understand if your business structure currently identifies potential employees/sub-contractors who possess
relevant skills, qualifications and experience and then select the registration groups accordingly.

Connektivity will assist with all the above processes including NDIS application, NDIS documentation and NDIS Audits.

Although our NDIS Consultants are also NDIS Auditors and have extensive experience in conducting NDIS Audits with different NDIS Auditing companies, Connektivity can
only provide NDIS Consultancy as it is a conflict of interest.

Commencing from 2022, Connektivity may also be able to assist with conducting internal gap audits, support with the NDIS renewal process, training providers of certain
elements of NDIS business etc. However, providers need to provide sufficient time to Connektivity to plan and assist the provider and we encourage early bookings.
Connektivity can customise a package for the NDIS provider

No. However Connektivity can assist with orientation training on how to find NDIS participants

Please refer to the link https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/providers

The NDIA publishes regular updates and reports. To understand and establish a current scope for your NDIS business refer to the quarterly reports:

Yes. The provider application pack and application guide to register can be found here: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/resources/application-pack

Connektivity will assist with establishing, setting up and managing ongoing NDIS specific social media marketing.