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Cross-Referral Program

Connektivity Cross Referral

As Connektivity, we always get businesses or providers asking us to help them get clients or staff, practitionners or support workers looking for work, or NDIS clients looking for a provider. This is what the cross-referral program helps you achieve. By placing your details in the relevant section, we will cross-check our database for the best match for your needs and help you and them get in touch for free. 

NOTE: By filling in your details, you give Connektivity permission to share your details with relevant parties. You may remove your information from our database by sending an email to ndis@connektivity.com.au.

Looking to Hire a subcontractor?

If you are looking to subcontract someone (ex. registered nurse for your company)

Looking for Work?

Looking for a Provider?

If you are looking to partner up with other providers please specify for which NDIS services you would like to develop partnerships with other providers in (ex. are you looking for a chiropractor?)